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1) Ondřej, We would like you to introduce yourself to those who do not know you yet and would like you to tell us a little bit about yourself and your career in today’s competition.

Hello fans of the Police Muscle. My name is Ondřej Sobotka and I am a police officer of the capital city of Prague. bodybuilding I have been doing for 9 years and bodybuilding competition for four years in a row. I have three bronze medals, one silver and three gold medals for my career. I have 10 years of dating.

2) How old were you when you started training?

I am 25 years old and started training at 15.

3) Do you use any supplements? Which?

I use what most bodybuilders to. Protein, glutamine, aminocomplex, Creatin, Omega 3, multivitamin and other minor supplements.

4) What’s your typical diet?

I base meals on meat, salmon, eggs, cottage. and that carbohydrate oats,  potatoes, Rice and rice breads. I don’t have much different food. Fast and practical.


5) What don’t you eat at all?

it’s all that healthy eating. From unhealthy fat meat.

6) Do you have favorite athletes or models you admire?

I admire Milan Šadek and Vojtu Koritenskeho … From bikinifitness Valerie Amirato.

7) What kind of music do you enjoy listening to while you are training?

Rock, hard rock and metal …. but mostly by type of training and mood. For every exercise I’m going to have a song that will sit as close as possible.

8) Where do you get motivation when you’re lazy? or is it very cold, it rains and started a cool movie on television?

I take training as part of the day, I dont’t need to get bored with it. On the contrary, it’s the most important part of the day for me. One lesson that will determine the meaning of the day. So I almost don’t need motivation.

9) What bothers you most in the gym?

People who go to the gym are like World Masters, but they are nothing in their way. A huge ego and no humility.

10) Do you normally train alone or with others? Say your preference and explain why you prefer.

Mostly alone with music, I can tell my friends how to get help in the series. Better then focus on training. When you’re with someone, my girlfriend. Master of the Republic in bikini fitness

11) What are your professional qualifications inside and outside the sport?

I have 4 coaching licenses and do trainer in Eagle fitness.

12) What are the biggest focuses in your life today? Does sport, work, family or all end up being part of a grand general focus?

Since we don’t have a family with a girlfriend, my bodybuilding is the first place for me. Work is such a mission and a chance to help those who need it and they can not.

13) Among his main titles, highlight some and tell us a little greater difficulties that happened to get it.

My greatest title is Czech Republic Champion in the highest man bodybuilding. It was this year and almost my top successful. But I’m a trainer my girlfriend and she’s absolutely Czech Champion in bikini fitness and this year was on the 6th place on the European Championship, 3rd place on Diamond Cup Madrid, 2nd place on Diamond Cup Ostrava and 5th place in Luxembourg. That’s bigger success for me.

14) When started out in competitive sports, what was the reaction of your family, close friends? Did you face difficulties?

I started when I was 16 years old and ended in Czech softball representation. It didn’t matter to the family. I had a great supported the girlfriend from the beginning.

15) What motivated you to move forward when you started out in competitive sports and encountered difficulties such as the prejudice of the population (or even of people close to you)?

Motivated me to end in the softball reprezentation  and wanted to move back to something else as high as possible. Worse it was in school where most of students drunk a  alcohol, that’s why I didn’t fit into the collective. But I didn’t mind.

16) Is it easy to reconcile so many daily responsibilities, policeman, athlete and family? What is most difficult for you in these relationships and interactions ?? How do you usually divide your daily time between the “social world” and the sport?

It has my order for me. The toughest night shifts are when the tired body wants to sleep after training and you can’t give it any sugars to energy. At night, I pass only on proteins and fats. Far worse is the competition preparation when one is tired all day. Keep your attention and don’t let go. Adrenaline always helps in intervention. And my girlfriend fully understands and supports me. For the past two years, we have been preparing each other together every spring, so we’re tired of both to the maximum, which suits us in a way.

17) How is your dietary relationship in offseason and pre-contest? What changes from one phase to another and what is most difficult to adapt in both phases? And how does training proceed in both phases?

in the off season I try to make sure as clean as possible. There is no room for it to let go of much shape. Cheat Day just when there’s a bigger opportunity. In the pre-contest I will clean my diet and switch to divided meals. At the end of the diet my food is based on about 5-8 kinds of food. Off-season training is divided according to the stage, but I usually base it on heavier sets, but I’m going to two training in Day and a maximum focus on technique and detail muscles in the pre-contest.

18) What is your biggest motivation today to continue within the sport and competitive? Until when do you intend to take this forward (the competitions themselves)?

it’s just my life, it makes sense every day and it fills me. He’s acting me. It’s different both between people and colleagues at work. He does the police uniforms and helps in the job. Life is giving me so much, as never before. Perhaps at least one descendant I hope for in the future. And when do I end up? Meanwhile, I definitely do not have plans in the years to come, now Arnold Europe and evls Prague are probably planning. What to see next.

19) In the face of so many difficulties you probably had in sports, what were the greatest lessons you learned that could be remembered in the face of new difficulties?

The biggest obstacle for me was this year’s fifth and sixth supercompenzation for the diamond cups Ostrava and Luxembourg, when the body held 10kg of water from the competition weight and the training itself terribly hurt when the body was completely underwater. I realized how much I really want to competition and keep my plan. It helped me to realize how important this sport is for me.

20) Leave us a small message, especially for the young people who are entering the sport, whether competitive or not.

No one was born big, fast, strong, just great in what he then became. It cost a lot of toil and renunciation. So never say you can’t do something. Life is the way you choose yourself, so if it’s right and you go after it, you get closer to the goal, no matter how long it takes. Hang on and you’ll see it coming back. And especially! Never forget where you came from, so when you’re up. keep your humble and respect.


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