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1) Thaís, We would like you to introduce yourself to those who do not know you yet and would like you to tell us a little bit about yourself and your career in today’s competition.

My name is Thaís Loretti. I am Military Police Officer in Espírito Santo, student of physical education and athlete welness (in off season seasson).

2) How old were you when you started training?

I started to train bodybuilding at age 18.

3) Do you use any supplements? Which?

I really enjoy using caffeine, creatine and whey protein.

4) What’s your typical diet?

I have different phases. When I am in competition the diet is restricted. I must weigh the food and strictly follow the plan. Since I’m out of the competition at the moment, I eat well normally, and I allow myself some nonsense too. lol



5) What don’t you eat at all?

I believe that “tripe / menudo” is among the things that I can not eat. lol

6) Do you have favorite athletes or models you admire?

I have many inspirations! But I think that in relation to shape, what surprises me most is the @bakharnabieva

7) What kind of music do you enjoy listening to while you are training?

I mix everything! From Sertanejo to Rock haha

8) Where do you get motivation when you’re lazy? or is it very cold, it rains and started a cool movie on television?

Sometimes I start the temptation of the blanket, I confess! But overall, I think about how difficult it is to achieve the goals and how easy it is to lose the results. Then I get up and go. lol

9) What bothers you most in the gym?

When it’s too full! I’m happy for the owner. But to train is not good 😂

10) Do you normally train alone or with others? Say your preference and explain why you prefer.

I usually train on my own, for lack of company. But I confess that when training in pair (with someone focused) the training yields much more!

11) What are your professional qualifications inside and outside the sport?

Out of the sport, I am a soldier of the military police. Within the sport I am a bodybuilding athlete. I started with the bikini category where I competed 3 times. Being twice champion and once vice. Then I migrated to the current category that is welness. I competed once and took the champion trophy at the premiere.

12) What are the biggest focuses in your life today? Does sport, work, family or all end up being part of a grand general focus?

Everyone is engaged. But I confess that by overspending, sport at the moment is not the foreground. I am more focused on personal life in other respects.

13) Among his main titles, highlight some and tell us a little greater difficulties that happened to get it.

The titles I mentioned above in another answer. 2x champion bikini, 1x vice champion and 1x champion welness🤭

14) When started out in competitive sports, what was the reaction of your family, close friends? Did you face difficulties?

The sport suffers a bit of prejudice. For it is a different way of life. When I’m competing I’m a little out of the social environment, because I feel the “indifference” of people. lol

15) What motivated you to move forward when you started out in competitive sports and encountered difficulties such as the prejudice of the population (or even of people close to you)?

What motivates me is my willingness to go further, even when they do not agree with my choices.

16) What was your biggest time away from competitions, what were the main reasons, what made you want to go back and, of course, what had to change in your life for that return?

I have not competed for a year. I stopped to give the body some time, because the diets are restricted and physical exhaustion is great. Also, I stopped by the expense that is too high. I intend to come back next year.

17) Is it easy to reconcile so many daily responsibilities, policeman, athlete and family? What is most difficult for you in these relationships and interactions ?? How do you usually divide your daily time between the “social world” and the sport?

During competition it is not easy! I even stay away from the social milieu. But it was always a way of reconciling things.

18) How is your dietary relationship in offseason and pre-contest? What changes from one phase to another and what is most difficult to adapt in both phases? And how does training proceed in both phases?

What changes in the phases is the caloric restriction. How much less in preparation for competing. What changes in training, is that the frequency increases, including plenty of aerobic exercise.

19) What is your biggest motivation today to continue within the sport and competitive? Until when do you intend to take this forward (the competitions themselves)?

I still do not know about my future as an athlete. It’s a sport that I love, but very difficult to keep at.

20) In the face of so many difficulties you probably had in sports, what were the greatest lessons you learned that could be remembered in the face of new difficulties?

My biggest difficulty is undoubtedly the binge eating I developed. My biggest lesson is to remember that after all, I did it.

21) Leave us a small message, especially for the young people who are entering the sport, whether competitive or not.

Whatever you do, do it out of love. Love takes us to places where simple obligation would never reach.

INSTAGRAM: Thaís Loretti @ThaisLoretti

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